This is a template for character movesets in The Crossover Game. I will leave it here as a reference so that I can use it for future articles.

Character Form
Character Form

[Character Name] is [role] from [game, movie, or series], and would be playable in The Crossover Game.

Trophy InformationEdit

[Character description]

[Character Name]'s LegacyEdit

  • [Every
  • game
  • character
  • appears
  • in]



[What character is doing in Story Mode]


[Character has up to two rivals, but can have three if necessary. Reason for fighting goes here]

Current Status:Edit

[What is this character's current status? The story is neverending, so this what the character did the last time you see them]


[Note that you may opt for alternate movesets for a specific character. In that case, you will list the character's variations as separate 'Heading 2" sections, and copy/paste this template for each variation]

Normal CombosEdit

  • [Up
  • to
  • four
  • melee or weak attacks]

Smash AttacksEdit

  • [Up
  • to
  • four
  • strong attacks]

Special MovesEdit

  • [Up
  • to
  • four
  • special moves]


  • [Super Smash]: [The character's high-damaging super move]
  • [Final Smash]: [The character's instant-kill Super Move]

Alternate SupersEdit

  • [List
  • any
  • additional
  • Supers
  • for your character]


  • [Three
  • taunts
  • for the character]


[Similar to Smash Bros and All-Stars]

  • Character Intro:
  • Victory Screen:
  • Losing Screen:
  • Idle Animation:

Costumes/Alternate ColorsEdit

[The list of costume for your character. If your character does not have alternate costumes, then give them alternate colors instead]

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